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    10 reasons to be a statistician! ;)

    Date2017.03.30 ByEunylson Lopes Views18
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    Statistics Consultation: How Much Should I Charge?

    Date2017.03.30 ByEunylson Lopes Views17
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    Statisticians, what do you think about this?

    Date2017.03.30 ByEunylson Lopes Views15
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    [Launching soon] United Statisticians is an online platform that links statisticians and data scientists to clients from all over the world.

    Date2017.03.30 ByEunylson Lopes Views29
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    Statistician: The Profession of the Future (That Is Already Here)

    Date2017.03.30 ByEunylson Lopes Views27
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    서울아산병원은 왜 빅데이터센터를 지었을까

    Date2017.03.30 ByEunylson Lopes Views67
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  7. The Rising Opportunities for Statisticians and Data Scientists.

    Date2017.03.24 ByEunylson Lopes Views637
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    Hello, everyone! I would like to announce that we are launching United Statisticians really soon.

    Date2017.03.24 ByEunylson Lopes Views569
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    능선회귀(Ridge regression)에 대한 두번째 포스팅 - 람다와 솔루션 크기의 관계에 대하여

    Date2017.03.09 ByIssac Lee Views1025
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    능선 회귀(Ridge regression)에 대하여 정리한 포스팅입니다. 도움이 되셨으면 좋겠습니다.

    Date2017.02.28 ByIssac Lee Views1431
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  11. 존스홉킨스 대학의 생물통계학 교수 Roger Peng이 저술한 R로 하는 탐색적 자료분석 (EDA) 서적입니다.

    Date2017.02.18 By박준석 Views1510
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  12. The statisticians of the future. Which is here, NOW!

    Date2017.02.18 ByEunylson Lopes Views1105
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  13. The Math behind Machine Learning. Check it out!

    Date2017.02.18 ByEunylson Lopes Views1049
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  14. 데이터 세계의 황금 트라이앵글

    Date2017.02.16 ByEunylson Lopes Views1092
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  15. Correlation and Causation: What Is the Difference?

    Date2017.02.14 ByEunylson Lopes Views1186
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  16. 다변량 정규분포의 최대우도추정량(Maximum Likelihood Estimator) 유도하기 1

    Date2017.02.14 ByEunylson Lopes Views1254
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  17. [Global Facebook Group for Statisticians]

    Date2017.02.14 ByEunylson Lopes Views1132
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    학교에서 수업듣는 내용을 바탕으로, 다변량 정규분포 MLE 유도 과정(벡터 버전)을 정리한 포스팅입니다.

    Date2017.02.14 ByIssac Lee Views1209
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  19. What's better than free courses?? good job BigDataUniversity!!!

    Date2017.02.09 ByEunylson Lopes Views1288
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  20. R Tutorial: Visualizing Multivariate Relationships in Large Datasets!

    Date2017.02.09 ByEunylson Lopes Views1279
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